5 sex games you need to tonight [#3 is bad and boozy]

Sometimes things get a little boring in the bedroom. And I understand! Sometimes you don’t need an insane new sex toy or another partner to spice things up, you just need some imagination. Lucky for you, mine is overactive.
I did some thinking back on how my partners and I had mixed things up in the past. And I can honestly say that some of these free sex games are funnier than they are sexy, but they’ll definitely keep you entertained for a while!
Here are some of my favorite sexy games (and some usually vanilla games with a sexy twist) that are great for when you’ve hit a sexual slump:
1. “What’s in my mouth” challenge
This started as a Youtube challenge. And while a lot of people don’t immediately think sex when you think Youtube (if you’re like me you closely associate that website with cat videos and makeup tutorials), this challenge can definitely have more of an xxx rated twist.
All you have to do is blindfold your partner, set a timer, put something in their mouth, and have them guess what it is! You can get as wild or as funny as you’d like (though if your goal is sex I recommend sticking to sex toys, strawberries, and your genitals).
Davey Wavey did a variation of this on his channel with male porn stars where they guessed what was in their butt rather than in their mouth… so if you’re feeling adventurous give that version a try, just use a lot of lube!
2. Strip poker
I mean how could you go wrong with a crowd favorite? Poker is inherently a sexy game so all you have to do is put on a clear yellow visor and take off your clothes as you lose!
If you don’t know how to play poker or don’t feel like you’re up for the mental challenge (thinking can be hard when your brain blood is elsewhere), play strip go-fish or strip Uno!
The possibilities are endless… if you’re feeling like destroying your partner’s confidence in their vocabulary, spice up your date night with a rousing game of Scrabble!
3. Strip beer pong
Like I said earlier, the possibilities are endless! You can basically put the word “Strip” in front of any game and have yourself a sexy version that’s great for a night in.
If you’re looking to get a little tipsy with your lover while reliving your glory days, you should definitely close the blinds and play this in your kitchen! (I mean who doesn’t want to bang on a sticky beer pong table after drinking a few cups of Natural Lite?)
4. What are the odds?
This is another game that you would maybe never think of making sexual! This is usually a game you might play after a particularly long night at a bar with one of your friends in hopes of making them do something stupid.
Instead of daring your partner to run naked down the street (or do, if that’s what you’re into) play What are the odds they’ll sit on your face for an hour or you’ll do doggy while you play Fortnight? Simply pick a number between 1 and whatever number you choose and shout your number at the same time. If you get the same number your partner has to do it!
5. Rapid Fire
This is a game of endurance, the goal is to see who can make the other one orgasm… well… more rapidly! Everyone’s a winner when it cums to this game!

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